June, 2011

Registering a Business Name

Share Registering a Business Name The need to register a business name became very common in recent years when opening a bank account as a sole trader.  Initially, if you run your business in your own name, but have a “business name”, this needed to be registered for a bank account to be opened.There is […]

Company Set Up Costs? Sole Trader or Limited Company?

ShareDon’t rush into forming a company just yet, check out is the structure the correct one for you, The company set up costs are affordable, but you must mind your company or it can get very expensive on you. What structure should you use? This is always the dilemma faced by all business owners just […]

New 9% Vat Rate from July 1st

ShareSupplies of goods and services at the new 9% rate The goods and services to which the 9% rate applies are those, and only those, listed in paragraphs 3(1) to (3), 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13(3) of Schedule 3 of the VAT Consolidation Act 2010. Examples of such goods and services include: the supply […]

Great Time to Be Buying!

Sharehttp://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2011/0622/breaking23.html As the turmoil continues, the opportunities are there to be had!  

How to Get Out of Your Car HP Lease & Reduce Your Debt

ShareTackling debt takes application from you. This example explains how to exit and Irish HP Lease. Be careful when you sign. Ask the questions at time of purchase. Ending your hire purchase agreement using the half rule You have the right to end a hire purchase agreement using the half rule. The half rule means […]


ShareFor all you businesses involved in selling meals and bedrooms, green fees and concert venues, if price is not a factor, keep your prices where they are, and use the vat decrease to start building your profits back up. The rainy day is here!

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