August, 2011

How to Build a Website for Free

ShareDid you know that Internet sales rose by 60% in 2010, compared with high street retail sales in the shops. The only way that people can purchase good or services online is via a website. Sometimes, setting up website can be prohibitively expensive. This is because highly professional persons are very skilled and adept at […]

Five Signs You Need to Change Your Prices

ShareKnowing how to price your goods and services is a lot more scientific than working out your costs and having a mark up. If you charge too much no one will come near you and if you charge too little you will have more business that you can handle whilst being a busy fool. Obviously, […]

How To Give Customer Discounts and Still Make Money

ShareEvery business owner should hate giving discounts. However, if you use discounts in the correct way, they can be a powerful tool in driving your business forward. The skill is giving a discount to the customer that costs less for you than the value given to the customer. For instance, if a gentleman comes into […]

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