September, 2011

Protecting Your Cash & Stock Within The Business

Share One of the more common stories that we have received at KB & Company over the years is that of: – Stock going missing and nobody noticing for a long time Cash being systematically pilfered which again goes on for a long period without being detected “Familiarity can breed Contempt” and essentially when either […]

Do You Want To increase Your Business Value?

ShareAt Kevin Barry & Co. it is in our interest to develop clients to their fullest potential. We routinely perform a Free Business Review  .  What is that? Click above for a 2 minute video on what’s involved. Contact us today at 00 353 95 30053  

Voluntary Write Off. A Trap!!

ShareHave you a company you want to get rid of? A cheap way to get rid of a company that you no longer want that you require is to get voluntarily struck off.  This can cost up to €1,000 but is generally much cheaper than a liquidation (€5,000) and lot less hassle. However, if the […]

Beware Rogue Auditors

ShareWhatever about rogue bankers or rogue builders, there is now a new form of criminal called a “rogue auditor”. Essentially, this is where an individual, not qualified to be an auditor, signs off on a limited company’s accounts and has filed the accounts with the companies office.  The downside to this being caught is horrendous. The […]

How To Avoid Over-Paying Your Taxes!

ShareEssentially, the most common form of mistake we see by business-owners is in the area of  not keeping proper books and records.  This often leads to: profits being declared higher than they should be, income tax will be paid higher than it should be and business cash-flow will be lower than it should be.   […]

Seafarers Allowance

ShareWe regularly get asked about the Sea farers allowance. Basically it is a tax break for being outside of Ireland working on a ship/oil rig etc.  An individual can deduct from his/her “seafaring” earnings a certain amount, if they fall into this Category. How? If you are employed on board a ship and spend at […]

5 Year Business Plans and other Fairytales

ShareIf asked for a 3- 5 year business plan, don’t waste the time preparing it. Save your energy. Why? The people that you prepare a business plan for never read them, unless you put a one-page executive summary at the front. THIS IS WHAT I ADVISE: Prepare a 1-page summary. Then create a forecast of […]

Ask Mr Video!

ShareIt is now proven that people who browse the internet are 70% more likely to watch a 60 second video than they are to read an article for 60 seconds. When it comes to promoting your business these days, video is the best media to use. Everyone has access to it.  It doesn’t cost you anything apart […]

Country Money and Other Essentials Every Company Director Must Remember

ShareSome people are really chuffed when they become a company Director. But it’s a serious business.  make sure you note the following., especially the country money conditions 1.    Income Tax Return Even if the only income you have is a salary from a company, every director in Ireland is obliged to file a personal income tax return […]

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