April, 2012

Great Voicemails Help get Great Results

Share What is the importance of having a creative, active voicemail rather than a routine everyday message? “I am just afraid of not sounding professional enough if I have one on my phone that’s out of the ordinary.” Dan I would rather sound friendly, than professional. And so should you. If you’re looking to impress […]

Hidden Codes in Checking References

ShareA client told me a story about an employee that didn’t work out. He said the references were great. Brad Sugars says you “get the people you deserve”. The below checklist is a funny listing of what might be between the lines.  It’s humourous at least. What A Person’s Reference Really Means Average Employee = […]

No more brown envelopes after June 1st

ShareIn the last twelve months, every Irish company has been ordered by the Revenue to make all their VAT and PAYE returns over the internet.  For those people who are used to working with the internet, this is not a problem.  However, there are others (of which there are many) who are unable for various […]

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