July, 2012

How To Get Paid On Time and have your bank account brimming over

ShareIs getting paid your biggest hassle? If yes, Click here for a Short Guide on how to end the torture:   How to Get paid

Are You a Part Time farmer?

ShareIf yes, and you build a new shed or improve the farm stuctures, the Revenue will give you back the VAT on the cost of this work.  This is about €2,000 for every €10,000 spent. Essentially, if you are in a full time job, but farm part time (like many do) this is for you. […]

Closer and Closer to the English System

Share2012 Personal Insolvency Bill If you know someone is serious negative equity, they now have a way out (not painless).  The draft Insolvency Bill will be Law later this year. It will bring Ireland much closer to the current UK system of resolution. I have summarized the key items below as detailed by a leading […]

Taking Control of Your Destiny in 8 Days with the Tax Man

Share The  Tax people have ordered everyone in Ireland to do their future tax filings over the internet. This is how to do it in 8 days. Guide for Registering on ROS and Why ROS stands for Revenue On-Line Service and is Revenue’s interactive internet facility that will give you a quick, secure and cost […]

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