August, 2013

The 6 Minute Sessions on Insolvency

ShareVery recently, we surveyed our client base on what their largest concerns were. 86% of them confirmed that their level of debt and insolvency in general is the biggest worry. We ran a series of short, 6 minute internet webinars, (just like a news broadcast) aimed at educating you on how to better handle your […]

Kevin Barry Accountants for Entrepreneurs Charity Golf Day 2013

ShareWe, at Kevin Barry Accountants, sponsored our 1st ever golf day on August 13th 2013 at Connemara Golf Club. As part of the day, we raised €450 for the Sarah Dunne charity, where 5 year Sarah, who holidays in Connemara and whose parents are long time friends of mine, is currently undergoing a 1000 day […]

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