September, 2013

Perceived Value that’s what makes the difference

ShareHere at Barry Accountants we have learned it’s not what we think is valuable, but what the customer perceives as being valuable. Huge difference. Therefore you have to keep your awareness antenna full-time in operation. keep networking, keep out there, keep listening. Perceived value for accountants and solicitors by the way is where it is […]

Hey Accountant, Did anyone put a gun to your head?

ShareThis is what was said  to a Dublin Accountant this week. The fellow was complaining of the money he had lost on a property investment that he went into with his eyes wide open. He didn’t see the crash coming and was blaming the  resort developer, Bobby Ginn. Coincidentally, I was with an old friend this […]

For Business Growth, Never Check Your Email in the morning

ShareHere at Barry Accountants if there is one thing we have learned in the past 5 years is that to have business growth, you have to focus on what you are good at. There is so much distraction these days from mobile phones, staff, walk in’s, unsolicited phone calls, meetings, faxes, tv, radio that it’s hard to […]

and the AIB Band Played on?? Not Quite

ShareI attended an AIB breakfast briefing recently on new procedures being brought into play by the nationalised Irish bank. The starting 1/2 hour was all about themselves and the economy, not about the customer and immediately lost the attention of the audience. The breakfast kept everyone awake as we prayed for the “economy improving” speech […]

Neven Maguire and QVC, Thanks for the Wake Up Call

ShareOn a recent visit to Florida, and I was seated on the Aer Lingus plane beside a group of people who were visiting New York and Philadelphia to promote their on the QVC shopping channel. Killarney Crystal, Killronan sweaters, Inis Perfumes Belleek Pottery among many others. Except for I was in the company of these people I […]

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