October, 2013

If you are an Entrepreneur? Who will pay the bills if you can’t?

ShareI meet entrepreneurs and business owners everyday of the week. I am always amazed how many of them seem to think they are indestructible. They don’t ever expect to get sick, be in an accident, or die young. Yet incredibly these events happen everyday. At this stage, it’s up to the people married to or […]

“I got back €6,000 PPI refund I didn’t know I even had!”

ShareAt a  wine and cheese evening recently during the local arts week, I ran into Bill and Mary (not their real names, but they know who I’m talking about).   Some months earlier they had called into us regarding payment protection insurance (PPI refund) they thought they had taken out years ago, when they applied for […]

The Tax Accountant belongs at Halloween

ShareA good Tax Accountant , no matter where they are, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Donegal…. can tell a lot of their client by the way they spend there money. Coming up to tax dead-line each year, it’s never more true. (31st of October) . The real Halloween. The accountant, turns into the Night Ghoul for the client. Contrary […]

The Budget is a Scary Bedtime Story

ShareIs it Halloween already? I’m listening to all the budget speak this morning regarding taxes, bailout conditions, property, welfare cuts and spending increases and decreases. The feared negativity is still here. People involved in property, construction or hotels in the last 8 years can tell you very fast that we have a long way to […]

It’s me, not you! Really???? Use enterprise to get ireland going


ShareIf your brochure ,business card or advert talks about your enterprise, it won,t work. You must talk in terms of what the customer wants, their desire actually. How can you tell? If the phone isn’t ringing steadily or your premises isn’t full then your aren’t attracting customers effectively. If you can be funny, then use […]

The Thugs missed the memo.Accountants Galway seeking to increase client sales?

ShareI was recently reminded of the London riots. At the time they provided extraordinary TV viewing, but for ourselves and our clients they spoiled what would have been an interesting business getaway. As accountants galway dublin with clients all over Ireland, www.barryaccountants.ie we had scheduled a business conference trip to London. We were going to the Home […]

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