November, 2013

Customers love to buy, make it easy for them with credit cards

ShareVery recently I had a reason to call out a local plumber to do a simple repair job in the office in Dublin. I texted him, sent him a picture of what needed to be done, and he turned up with the part with him and had it fitted within one hour. What was most […]

How To Keep Customers Looking for You

ShareOn a recent family outing to Cheltenham Race course I was reminded of the importance of getting your name out there in the right way. Not actually on the racecourse at Cheltenham but within the grounds was the country market village. All of the products being sold by their business owners were made locally and were […]

DIY Bankruptcy in Ireland

ShareSave yourself the money you don’t have. No  need to hire a solicitor or an accountant for a bankruptcy application. It is possible to do it yourself. The only real trip wire though is that you have to go to a personal solvency practitioner and fail to meet his or her requirements before you can qualify […]

Bankruptcy 2014 Freedom or Prison?

ShareLast Saturday I attended an update on the incoming Irish bankruptcy procedures. The guest speaker, fresh from Radio 1, was Greg Lehane, the government Bankruptcy head honcho. I had heard Greg Lehane speak before and found him to be a lighthearted chap but certainly this morning he was, although in good humor, a bit more […]

The Hidden Clues on your Irish Tax Return

ShareThe less you know, the more accountants will make from you. It’s important that every person understand, that not every penny you receive is taxable. It is only the profit you make on your business is taxed not the sales. It is this confusion that causes some business owners to panic if their year is […]

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