January, 2014

Can I Get money back if I liquidate a company that owes me money?

ShareNormally when a liquidator is appointed to a company, creditors who are owed money, despair. But you have real options to consider. But Fast. It is not as bad if you are secured like a bank and have the deeds of the property that you can sell in order to pay down some of the […]

To Increase Sales When is a Washing Machine, not just a Washing Machine?

ShareMy client, Tony, operates in the highly competitive area of electrical appliances. In this industry, it is very easy to compare prices and models so pricing always has to be competitive. He wants to increase sales and investigated what customers valued, apart from price. Tony also understands the importance of service and works hard with […]

The Worst Mistake for Small Business Owners to Continue into 2014

ShareMore often than I care to admit, I come across those small business owners who run a business like it’s still the 1960s. It’s usually a restaurant, convenience store, petrol station or a little shop. from www.entrepreneur.com It doesn’t appear to have been cleaned in years. There are dusty pictures of Elvis and the Pope […]

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