February, 2014

Debt Deal Management Plans seem the only way

SharePrivate Debt Deals seem to work best for all parties. I have teamed up with Prima Finance to better help clients sort their debt issues. It gives me more manpower in sorting out cases quicker that operating on my own. I can now manage Private arrangements, Personal Insolvency arrangements and Bankruptcy applications along with formal […]

Craft Beers can help Save Irish Pubs

ShareFrequently, the debate on saving Irish pubs comes up. It can be a depressing subject because publicans have taken hit after hit in recent years, but last weekend I stumbled across part of the solution. Craft Beers. The below are some of the excuses for Irish pubs becoming empty, soulless buildings that no one wants […]

Don’t rush to Irish Bankruptcy with a client

ShareAlthough Irish bankruptcy is suitable sometimes, it doesn’t suit everyone for various reasons. A Refereed Payment & Debt Settlement Plan tends to suit clients where the other options don’t. Although, I handle all the debt options now,Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency, Debt Settlement and Private Structured Agreements…………. every case is different. Even with the modernization of the […]

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