March, 2014

Dedication to Smiling

ShareA few weekends ago, I attended a Galway hurling match which was watched by almost 10,000 spectators as 2 fantastic Galway and Clare teams fought out in brilliant sunshine an exciting draw in the National League. Afterwards, when it was over the Clare players walked home because the game was in Ennis and most of […]

Advising Your Client on Liquidation?

ShareIf you or your client has received a letter saying a company that owes you money is calling a “Creditors Meeting”, don’t delay. By acting fast, you greatly increase your chances of getting some money from the liquidation rather than nothing at all. Check out some steps you could consider by clicking here 1. Return the […]

Hidden Codes in Reading Someone’s CV

Shareif you write a CV  reference, be aware of how it’s interpreted. I came across the CV code book this week. Hilarious. Appraisal Term                                 Its Meaning Average Employee  =     Not that bright Exceptionally Well Qualified      =   Made no major blunders yet Active Socially    =   Drinks a […]

Cutting Bookkeepers Costs

ShareWe frequently come across many sets of accounts that are excellently prepared by well trained and knowledgeable bookkeepers.We call these the Division 1 bookkeepers: Division 1 Bookkeepers These are the bookkeepers that will keep an eye on the bills coming in to you, make sure nothing is doubly paid, make sure that the agreed prices […]

The Pub Design Lady Stole the Show

ShareAt the International Craft Fair a lady who spoke un spectacularly but with a strong message was the pub design lady. She didn’t really promote herself but her content was excellent. Essentially, she looks at the way pubs are showcasing themselves and looks for a way to better get people coming in and spending money […]

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