April, 2014

Over pay Your Income Tax? It’s easy!

ShareMany business people seem to be determined to over pay their income tax. This is what it seems like anyway. They don’t keep track of where the money comes from. They don’t keep track of where their spending is going. They don’t fill in cheque stubs explaining what the money was paid out for. They don’t […]

Crackpot Inventors receive free financing with research tax credits

ShareHave you a great product to develop? The government give you back 40% of what you spend on inventing?  €4 in every €10.  How do you get in on this? The Research and Development tax Credit is a super opportunity for Irish Companies with a Go Ahead attitude. Research & Development Tax Credits are a way […]

Get Rich Slowly but Surely

Share 300 years ago, the more land you had the richer you were, 200 years ago it was the industrial revolution and the making of goods that made people rich.   Today, it is the information age that makes people rich. What will it be 100 years from now? It is always possible to get rich, […]

What is more valuable than Money? Financial Education

ShareHow people spend their money says a lot about the type of person they are, but getting educated in every aspect of business is vital for long term prosperity. There is a famous book out called “If you want to get rich, don’t stay in school”. The basis of the book is a business person […]

It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep

ShareI was reminded of my money worries lately, when I had to, during a vehicle emergency, call to Fast Fit Exhausts. My window wiper had to be changed and with the belting rain coming down outside, and 3 kids fighting in the car, putting it off to another day was not an option. They charged […]

Rich people buy assets, Poor people buy trophys

ShareIn business, I am often startled at the amount of people who don’t know the real difference between an asset and a liability. How you spend your money tells you a lot about people, especially rich people. An asset is something that makes you money or goes up in value. Examples would be: – • […]

Being Broke is Temporary, being Poor is Permanent

ShareI came across this Saying lately and in a few words it says a lot. Many business people or workers generally have set backs be it: – • Negative equity on their house • Losing their job • Losing their business  or suffering years of losses. However, the moral of the tale is if you […]

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