May, 2014

Do you have Tax troubles? Want to sort it?

ShareAs one friend and client said to his long standing wife in my presence “we are always in trouble with someone, if it’s not the tax man it’s the insurance people or the bank or employees or the kids or the accountants or ……” The man saying this was an extremely successful business man who […]

Losing money is fun! You have got to be joking

ShareEver felt happy losing money? I would be surprised if you did. Losing money is never a good feeling but it does not have to be a complete disaster. If you keep track of the business that you lost money in, you can claim back income tax against your: PAYE job or against another profitable business. […]

Are you a Start Up Business or a Train Wreck?

ShareIs your business, really a business or really, just a job (Just Over Broke)? Even worse, is it a Train Wreck? (Staff problems, Customer Problems, Creditor Problems) The taxman says, that if a business trades year in, year out and never makes a profit, then it’s not a business at all. From a tax law […]

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