October, 2014

Real Unhappy customers are the source of learning

ShareDaniel, an accountant and also a friend of mine, while narrating one of his experiences over a pint, said that his customer, Charlie, had to shut down one of his department’s production lines to comply with safety legislation. Though this change in legislation was expected for over a year, Daniel said that he failed to […]

Thanks to the virtual digital world!

ShareJotting down clients’ requirements during meetings was one of the most difficult tasks I faced. Many-a-times, I missed out a few points and even some major requirements. Despite using the latest technology like digital voice recorder, I found it difficult to deal with the audio content, once captured. Recording notes on iPhone: Noticing the complications […]

Self employed is one step from unemployed

ShareSelf Employed

Thinking of changing accountant?

ShareNearly 15 years had passed, when I met a school friend Michelle over a cup of coffee. She looked a little worried. On enquiring, she said, “Due to poor accountancy services  provided by Henry, the company lost £ 10,000 within the last two months. Now, I am planning to change my accountant, big time.” Stay […]

Better the Discipline, Better Your Business

ShareIt is always believed that time management and discipline are the keys to running a successful business. But I say that making effective use of a diary grabs the lion’s share in the success of a business. Diary usage for professional growth: In several years of work experience, I have always made sure that my […]

Manage Your Receipts Well!

ShareIt was Tuesday morning and I had scheduled a meeting with a client. Suddenly, I noticed that my cabin was cluttered with papers. I don’t like messiness and this is what makes me feel stressed and rather confused. I was pressed for time, but still I decided to clean the file cabinets and desk drawers. […]

Preparation is the key to success for client meetings

ShareIt was a bright Monday morning again. The routine of handling projects, meeting deadlines, adhering to the clients’ needs crossed my mind as I composed myself for work. As I went through my ‘to-do-list’, I swiftly recalled a scheduled ‘client meeting’ which had absolutely slipped out of my mind. As I had minimum time to […]

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