June, 2015

Business Loans, If You Are Involved in Haulage, Agriculture, Buying Land or Buildings Then Don’t Read Any Further

ShareBusiness loans are 4.5% now for proactive businesses. Where?       I am not a political person but Richard Bruton is behind this. Business loans at 4.5% for between 2 and 10 year periods for businesses that are already up and running are available. The usual terms and conditions apply but the interest rate […]

How to get your bank charges lower right now

ShareYear in year out, I always have a small group of clients who moan about bank charges.  Even when we point out ways to reduce them, they aren’t motivated to do the work to bring them down.  However the opportunity is there again now for any new business that is set up within the last 3 […]

Buy a GPS: Tax Free Mileage Expenses have been updated

ShareTax Free Mileage expenses have new conditions to watch out for. Buy A GPS. The distance requirements provide that: An overnight allowance which covers a period of up to 24 hours from the time of departure, as well as any further period not exceeding 5 hours, will only be payable free of tax in respect […]

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