September, 2015

Disabled does not mean “Unable”. the government rewards Disability Friendly Businesses, Big Time

Share Workplace Supports for Employees with Disabilities Being a disability friendly employer has many benefits. There are many schemes available that supports you, the employer, when considering/hiring a disabled individual. For example:   • Employ Ability Service – This is employment assistance starting with the hiring process and support throughout the employment for both parties. […]

The Government Wants To Subsidize Your Wage Costs. Let Them!!!

ShareJobs Plus   Jobs Plus is an employer incentive scheme when offering full time employment to the long term unemployed.   There are two levels of incentive, paid monthly in arrears over a two year period: 1. €7,500 for recruiting a 12 month unemployed individual (that is €312.50 per month towards wage cost) 2. €10,000 for recruiting a […]

Training Grants to Employers and Business Owners , also known as JobBridge

Share   Hiring someone on full time and training them costs a lot of money.  This isn’t just the money paid out, it is the time taken away from other team members in your business to do the actual training and monitor its success.  The Jobbridge scheme pays a trainee directly and allows you allocate […]


Share    There are many benefits in having a paperless work environment. For example: – No Clutter   Keeping every single letter that comes through the door of the office is unrealistic as, eventually, there will be no more space.  Believe it or not, keeping no letters or documents is far more realistic.  All that […]

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