October, 2015

Low Pay Does Not Have To Be Low Pay!! Employees Need To Know Where To Look For The FIS

ShareFamily Income Supplement (FIS)     This is a weekly tax free payment for families (including lone parents) at work with low pay. The family income supplement is 60% of the difference between the weekly income and the income limit set by the Department of Social Protection (one child €506 per week, two children €602 […]

During the Day Work To Pay The Bills. On Weekends Work Part Time On Your Fortune & Let The Government Help You!! Part Time Job Incentive Scheme.

SharePart Time Job Incentive Scheme This is another great incentive for the long term unemployed (for at least 15 months) who take up a part time job (less than 24 hours a week). It involves a weekly allowance of €119 per week (single) or €193.90 per week (increase for a qualified adult). This allowance is […]

Company Directors Wake Up Call

ShareCompany Directors, like all self employed people pay more tax than the employed. “Being self employed is 1 short step from unemployed. “

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