January, 2017

Keeping the Employees You Want To Keep

ShareIn these bank crash times (aren’t they all), with your longer term employees that you have invested a lot of money and training into,consider this. To cement that investment, it might be worth offering a pension deal to them. The hassle of replacing an employee that makes you money can be a killer. Remember to […]

Designing & Issuing Sales Invoices with Quickbooks Online

ShareWebinar this Wednesday: 3 pm If you set up Quickbooks Online yourself, and it’s working OK, but not as great as you expected, then this 30 Minute webinar is for you. Just make sure you have a computer with Speakers. I concentrate in this webinar on getting the sales invoices out and paid, and making […]

Remember the NPPR: Income Tax Refund for Landlords, but you must apply

ShareDuring the bank collapse, every 1 bed, 2 bed , 3 bed etc dwelling was told to pay the County Councils a €200 charge on rental or holiday homes. (but not mobile homes). If you didn’t, the charges and fines were massive. The charge was eventually abolished and replaced by the property tax, but worst […]

SumUp Massively Cuts Credit Card Costs plus gets you paid

Share When you deal with your bankers, they often roll out the advice that you should cut your costs. Well, interestingly, one of the biggest costs is the bank credit card machines. There is a charge to: Install them Monthly charges for having them Heavy commissions for using them Charges for cancelling them In short, […]

Sea Fishermen receive a €1,270 tax discount this year

ShareUp until now, straightforward Share Fishermen did not receive the seafarer allowance. They were specifically excluded. However now, as long as they are: At least 80 days at sea They intend to be fishing The vessel they are using is registered in the EU and is licensed to fish. Then for the first time they […]

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