How to get your bank charges lower right now

Year in year out, I always have a small group of clients who moan about bank charges.  Even when we point out ways to reduce them, they aren’t motivated to do the work to bring them down.  However the opportunity is there again now for any new business that is set up within the last 3 years with AIB (They are back in my good books)

I met one of the senior staff recently who had a very proactive deal for any business that is already up and running within the last 3 years.  There are terms and conditions of course but nothing awkward.  Some of the key items are;

Just for instance:

  • If your bank charges are €150 minimum per quarter they will knock off a €100 per quarter
  • No account maintenance fee every quarter
  • Free IBB banking which is massive cause you can do everything on this
  • If you open a credit card machine account, they will give you a €100.


They seem to be mad to lend to businesses who are investing in their business but the deal lasts for two years only.

Whats in it for them is that you will probably stay with them after that.

But that’s up to you.


However, my advice is if you qualify as a new business this should be worth a minimum saving of €500 a year, and that’s a minimum and when the two years is up you can shop around again for the latest deal but the excuse of  bank charges being too high is not valid any more.

Make it happen

Click here to take a closer look. 

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