Why aren’t you as wealthy as you think you should be?

This is a question we come across frequently. The reason tends to be self-discipline, or the lack of it. Put another way, bad spending habits.

Think about it.

  • Buying impulsively?
  • Weekends away every week
  • Regularly, daily, weekly or annually purchasing expensive Coffees (that you can’t live without)
  • New designer clothes,
  • New vehicles in other words perishable consumer goods that go out of fashion.

The other side is, these personal items were not for your business or employment and you have to earn money, pay tax on it and buy them out of the change. This never works out.

You can tell a lot about people the way way they spend their money.
The book “The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas J Stanley is a heck of a read. It studies the habits and profiles of millionaires in the USA.

If you don’t have time to read it, buy an audiobook and listen to it while sitting in traffic. But in this present climate of:

  • higher taxes in the previous 20 years,
  • mortgage interest rates increased savagely during the noughties.

This drained many households that’s had a lot of loans.

Get on top of your business. Start making money.

What you can do today at least?

Today at least, Write down the 10 lessons learned from the last recession and give them a place where you will be reminded of them daily. (Bathroom mirror)

There comes a time to start learning from them.

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