There are many benefits in having a paperless work environment. For example: –

No Clutter


Keeping every single letter that comes through the door of the office is unrealistic as, eventually, there will be no more space.  Believe it or not, keeping no letters or documents is far more realistic.  All that is required is a scanner and a shredder.  It is then possible to scan every letter (save for those that are original important documents) into an appropriate place created on your computer system. The original can then be shredded and recycled.  Should the document every be required again, it can simply be printed.


Environmentally Friendly


By shredding all non-important documents (i.e. originals that are not required in future) and recycling the paper, the office becomes more environmentally friendly.  It is then a very good idea to buy recycled paper to be used by the office.




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Faster Retrieval


Having all documents scanned in already – and therefore at your fingertips – means that work tasks can be carried out much quicker.  Emailing attachments is quicker and finding reference numbers in letters is easier.  Finding a particular document – provided there is a good system in place for storage – is also much easier.




The documents, once scanned in, become almost indestructible.  Once the computer system has the benefit of a back up facility, a file or document can never be lost.  It may be temporarily deleted, but it can always be retrieved from a back up tape of the previous day’s files.




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