Liquidation: To Be or Not To Be

ShareIf it is a case that you have been told that your company is no longer solvent, then this obviously means that you are “insolvent”. (Wow, that is deep!) The definition of insolvency is not being able to pay your debts as they fall due. In other words, you can’t pay the bills. The following […]

Confront those fears of Liquidating Your Company

ShareMost business owners leave it too late to make the decision to shut down their loss making company, liquidate it, and learn from the mistakes on the next venture. If you do have that nagging fear that maybe it’s time for making some hard decisions, take a look at the below 4 minute video which […]

Advising Your Client on Liquidation?

ShareIf you or your client has received a letter saying a company that owes you money is calling a “Creditors Meeting”, don’t delay. By acting fast, you greatly increase your chances of getting some money from the liquidation rather than nothing at all. Check out some steps you could consider by clicking here 1. Return the […]

Can I Get money back if I liquidate a company that owes me money?

ShareNormally when a liquidator is appointed to a company, creditors who are owed money, despair. But you have real options to consider. But Fast. It is not as bad if you are secured like a bank and have the deeds of the property that you can sell in order to pay down some of the […]

Bankruptcy 2014 Freedom or Prison?

ShareLast Saturday I attended an update on the incoming Irish bankruptcy procedures. The guest speaker, fresh from Radio 1, was Greg Lehane, the government Bankruptcy head honcho. I had heard Greg Lehane speak before and found him to be a lighthearted chap but certainly this morning he was, although in good humor, a bit more […]

Closer and Closer to the English System

Share2012 Personal Insolvency Bill If you know someone is serious negative equity, they now have a way out (not painless).  The draft Insolvency Bill will be Law later this year. It will bring Ireland much closer to the current UK system of resolution. I have summarized the key items below as detailed by a leading […]

How to Get Out of Your Car HP Lease & Reduce Your Debt

ShareTackling debt takes application from you. This example explains how to exit and Irish HP Lease. Be careful when you sign. Ask the questions at time of purchase. Ending your hire purchase agreement using the half rule You have the right to end a hire purchase agreement using the half rule. The half rule means […]

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