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Convert to That New Companies Act 2014? Why

Share Here at I would remind you that your company has an obligation to convert to one of the new company types that was created with the commencement of the Companies Act 2014 (CA2014) on 1st June 2015. December 1st next you don’t have a choice An 18-month transitional period is currently in effect […]


ShareAt Kevin Barry & Co. although we are merely accountants, based in Ireland, we are often asked legal questions. Such as “what documents should I be keeping”. There are certain documents and certificates that should never be disposed of.  “Never” here can be taken to mean until the life of the object under which the […]

Voluntary Write Off. A Trap!!

ShareHave you a company you want to get rid of? A cheap way to get rid of a company that you no longer want that you require is to get voluntarily struck off.  This can cost up to €1,000 but is generally much cheaper than a liquidation (€5,000) and lot less hassle. However, if the […]

Beware Rogue Auditors

ShareWhatever about rogue bankers or rogue builders, there is now a new form of criminal called a “rogue auditor”. Essentially, this is where an individual, not qualified to be an auditor, signs off on a limited company’s accounts and has filed the accounts with the companies office.  The downside to this being caught is horrendous. The […]

Country Money and Other Essentials Every Company Director Must Remember

ShareSome people are really chuffed when they become a company Director. But it’s a serious business.  make sure you note the following., especially the country money conditions 1.    Income Tax Return Even if the only income you have is a salary from a company, every director in Ireland is obliged to file a personal income tax return […]

Company Formations

ShareA limited company can be extremely useful for running your business through.  See this link – SOLE TRADER V LIMITED COMPANY Company formations can happen in a week, but be aware it may take up to 3 further weeks before you are allowed to open a company bank account. . The Information We Need We need […]

Registering a Business Name

Share Registering a Business Name The need to register a business name became very common in recent years when opening a bank account as a sole trader.  Initially, if you run your business in your own name, but have a “business name”, this needed to be registered for a bank account to be opened.There is […]

Company Set Up Costs? Sole Trader or Limited Company?

ShareDon’t rush into forming a company just yet, check out is the structure the correct one for you, The company set up costs are affordable, but you must mind your company or it can get very expensive on you. What structure should you use? This is always the dilemma faced by all business owners just […]

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