Personal Insolvency

Debt Deal Management Plans seem the only way

SharePrivate Debt Deals seem to work best for all parties. I have teamed up with Prima Finance to better help clients sort their debt issues. It gives me more manpower in sorting out cases quicker that operating on my own. I can now manage Private arrangements, Personal Insolvency arrangements and Bankruptcy applications along with formal […]

Don’t rush to Irish Bankruptcy with a client

ShareAlthough Irish bankruptcy is suitable sometimes, it doesn’t suit everyone for various reasons. A Refereed Payment & Debt Settlement Plan tends to suit clients where the other options don’t. Although, I handle all the debt options now,Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency, Debt Settlement and Private Structured Agreements…………. every case is different. Even with the modernization of the […]

DIY Bankruptcy in Ireland

ShareSave yourself the money you don’t have. No  need to hire a solicitor or an accountant for a bankruptcy application. It is possible to do it yourself. The only real trip wire though is that you have to go to a personal solvency practitioner and fail to meet his or her requirements before you can qualify […]

Bankruptcy 2014 Freedom or Prison?

ShareLast Saturday I attended an update on the incoming Irish bankruptcy procedures. The guest speaker, fresh from Radio 1, was Greg Lehane, the government Bankruptcy head honcho. I had heard Greg Lehane speak before and found him to be a lighthearted chap but certainly this morning he was, although in good humor, a bit more […]

Hey Accountant, Did anyone put a gun to your head?

ShareThis is what was said  to a Dublin Accountant this week. The fellow was complaining of the money he had lost on a property investment that he went into with his eyes wide open. He didn’t see the crash coming and was blaming the  resort developer, Bobby Ginn. Coincidentally, I was with an old friend this […]

The 6 Minute Sessions on Insolvency

ShareVery recently, we surveyed our client base on what their largest concerns were. 86% of them confirmed that their level of debt and insolvency in general is the biggest worry. We ran a series of short, 6 minute internet webinars, (just like a news broadcast) aimed at educating you on how to better handle your […]


ShareIn dealing with your bankers, are you: –   Snowed under with letters? Receiving phone call after phone call from people looking for money? At Your Wits End   An option you have on your Standard Financial Statement (SFS) is to nominate a third party to represent you in negotiations to get a mortgage forbearance arrangement that […]

How to Save Your Home

ShareIf, like thousands of others, you are struggling to pay your home mortgage and are worried about losing your home, there is a scheme you can apply for if you have the time and energy to do so. It is called a Mortgage Forbearance Scheme. Essentially, this allows you to do a private deal with […]

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