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Tax & Being Self Employed. Everything You Need To Know

ShareSelf-Employed – The Advantages Being self-employed means you are carrying on your own business rather than working for an employer. With this there are many advantages and disadvantages. From a financial view point the primary advantage of being self-employed is that you are given greater flexibility in the expenses you can claim for tax purposes. […]

Low Pay Does Not Have To Be Low Pay!! Employees Need To Know Where To Look For The FIS

ShareFamily Income Supplement (FIS)     This is a weekly tax free payment for families (including lone parents) at work with low pay. The family income supplement is 60% of the difference between the weekly income and the income limit set by the Department of Social Protection (one child €506 per week, two children €602 […]

During the Day Work To Pay The Bills. On Weekends Work Part Time On Your Fortune & Let The Government Help You!! Part Time Job Incentive Scheme.

SharePart Time Job Incentive Scheme This is another great incentive for the long term unemployed (for at least 15 months) who take up a part time job (less than 24 hours a week). It involves a weekly allowance of €119 per week (single) or €193.90 per week (increase for a qualified adult). This allowance is […]

Disabled does not mean “Unable”. the government rewards Disability Friendly Businesses, Big Time

Share Workplace Supports for Employees with Disabilities Being a disability friendly employer has many benefits. There are many schemes available that supports you, the employer, when considering/hiring a disabled individual. For example:   • Employ Ability Service – This is employment assistance starting with the hiring process and support throughout the employment for both parties. […]

How to form a Limited Company

ShareIf you are considering you need to  form a limited company in order to operate your business,, I list the items we need as it would be appropriate to get this underway now, because the full set up takes about 1 month.   The sequence to form a limited company is that : the company gets […]

Self Employed is one step from Unemployed

Share All self employed persons can’t hide behind the excuse of being too busy to keep records. This 3 minute video gives you the solution to keeping records easily, and in a way that cuts your taxes and allows you drive on and make profits so that you can survive in the cut throat self […]

Are you a Start Up Business or a Train Wreck?

ShareIs your business, really a business or really, just a job (Just Over Broke)? Even worse, is it a Train Wreck? (Staff problems, Customer Problems, Creditor Problems) The taxman says, that if a business trades year in, year out and never makes a profit, then it’s not a business at all. From a tax law […]

Crackpot Inventors receive free financing with research tax credits

ShareHave you a great product to develop? The government give you back 40% of what you spend on inventing?  €4 in every €10.  How do you get in on this? The Research and Development tax Credit is a super opportunity for Irish Companies with a Go Ahead attitude. Research & Development Tax Credits are a way […]

Get Rich Slowly but Surely

Share 300 years ago, the more land you had the richer you were, 200 years ago it was the industrial revolution and the making of goods that made people rich.   Today, it is the information age that makes people rich. What will it be 100 years from now? It is always possible to get rich, […]

The Pub Design Lady Stole the Show

ShareAt the International Craft Fair a lady who spoke un spectacularly but with a strong message was the pub design lady. She didn’t really promote herself but her content was excellent. Essentially, she looks at the way pubs are showcasing themselves and looks for a way to better get people coming in and spending money […]

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