Check your old age pension is going to be there for you.

ShareAt, we encounter that it is more and more common for people who hit 66, to be shocked that they don’t get the pension amount they expect, or sometimes nothing at all.   This may be a mistake on the welfare side, or as is more likely a contribution was not paid, due to; […]

Dentist Discounts for the Self Employed

ShareUp until now, the self employed paid less PRSI and more tax than their employees, and received nothing for it. No redundancy, dole or health benefits. You can’t afford to be off sick! With the bank crash leaving many Employers destitute, a realisation has arrived, that this situation needed to be equalised. There is now […]

Not Quite a Tax Amnesty but it’s something?

Share If you, or you know of someone who has money or property outside Ireland that was never declared here then heed the latest taxman warning. If you declare and catch up on the tax now, ( or by May 1st next to be exact) then: the penalty is only 10% instead of 100% (double […]

Keeping the Employees You Want To Keep

ShareIn these bank crash times (aren’t they all), with your longer term employees that you have invested a lot of money and training into,consider this. To cement that investment, it might be worth offering a pension deal to them. The hassle of replacing an employee that makes you money can be a killer. Remember to […]

Remember the NPPR: Income Tax Refund for Landlords, but you must apply

ShareDuring the bank collapse, every 1 bed, 2 bed , 3 bed etc dwelling was told to pay the County Councils a €200 charge on rental or holiday homes. (but not mobile homes). If you didn’t, the charges and fines were massive. The charge was eventually abolished and replaced by the property tax, but worst […]

Sea Fishermen receive a €1,270 tax discount this year

ShareUp until now, straightforward Share Fishermen did not receive the seafarer allowance. They were specifically excluded. However now, as long as they are: At least 80 days at sea They intend to be fishing The vessel they are using is registered in the EU and is licensed to fish. Then for the first time they […]

Employ Your Children

ShareIt is my experience, and that of my fellow accountant colleagues, that where a family run a business that everybody is involved. The parents and the children. Through innocence, many if not most business owners pay their kids for working out of their own taxed drawings. This is completely unnecessary and not good for the […]

Tax & Being Self Employed. Everything You Need To Know

ShareSelf-Employed – The Advantages Being self-employed means you are carrying on your own business rather than working for an employer. With this there are many advantages and disadvantages. From a financial view point the primary advantage of being self-employed is that you are given greater flexibility in the expenses you can claim for tax purposes. […]

The Tax Man Cometh!! Preliminary Tax Underpayment

Share      At a recent Chartered Accountants conference that I attended, the speaker who spoke about latest tax developments brought it up that with the computerised taxation system called ROS or, that automated interest and penalties are imminent, especially for tax underpayments! Up until now, these items only arose when a tax inspector looked at […]

Buy a GPS: Tax Free Mileage Expenses have been updated

ShareTax Free Mileage expenses have new conditions to watch out for. Buy A GPS. The distance requirements provide that: An overnight allowance which covers a period of up to 24 hours from the time of departure, as well as any further period not exceeding 5 hours, will only be payable free of tax in respect […]

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