If you don’t have health insurance, get Life Insurance, you will need it!

You won’t read this headline on any windows, or election posters. You will hear it said in a lot of homes where people have had a serious issue needing long term medical care. In short, to get into the Irish medical system for tests and hopefully cure, it is those with health insurance are most likely to jump the queue and get going.

The reason is I presume because the cash strapped public hospitals need money to be able to provide services. Those with health insurance can provide it in the short term.

An everyday story?

I give the case in point of 2 clients with nearly an identical condition, who met each other in a midland hospital.

The gentleman with the insurance had been called for a test within 3 days of the request. The public patient was over 3 months. The follow on from all this is, if you can’t get tests done in a timely way, early diagnosis is hampered and cure made more difficult.

Therefore if you don’t find some way to pay for health insurance, start looking around for life insurance. You may need it sooner than you think.

If you are self employed and in business, the one cut back not to make is on health insurance. If someone advises you differently, then get a second opinion.

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