Manage Your Receipts Well!

It was Tuesday morning and I had scheduled a meeting with a client. Suddenly, I noticed that my cabin was cluttered with papers. I don’t like messiness and this is what makes me feel stressed and rather confused. I was pressed for time, but still I decided to clean the file cabinets and desk drawers. During the process, I came across a few important business receipts which had to be photocopied and preserved for future reference.

A quick thought of having an original photo of the receipt on my iphone ran through my mind and I decided that I am not going to mess my cabin with more papers from now onwards. On my friend’s friend’s suggestion, I downloaded an app called Scanner Pro on my iphone and used it to secure the copy of those important receipts. Thanks to the virtual digital world- the app helped me scan receipts and send them directly to Dropbox and Evernote.

Now, I have no fear of losing any document or copies of my business reciepts receipts.  Be organized and a little more careful about papers and you are halfway to your goals.


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