Not Quite a Tax Amnesty but it’s something?

If you, or you know of someone who has money or property outside Ireland that was never declared here then heed the latest taxman warning.

If you declare and catch up on the tax now, ( or by May 1st next to be exact) then:

  1. the penalty is only 10% instead of 100% (double the tax),
  2. plus they won’t prosecute people in the courts and
  3. your name stays out of the paper.

How would they find out?

Most people with property abroad, pay some type of local taxes or charges. The authorities are increasingly talking to each other, and the names get exchanged.

E.g SUMA in Spain (Their property tax)

Not much time left. If you know of an issue, or think you might have, then:

Call me on: 1 800 476 984 (Direct to my desk) or

Book an appointment on

The Revenue website on this is here:

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