Preparation is the key to success for client meetings

It was a bright Monday morning again. The routine of handling projects, meeting deadlines, adhering to the clients’ needs crossed my mind as I composed myself for work. As I went through my ‘to-do-list’, I swiftly recalled a scheduled ‘client meeting’ which had absolutely slipped out of my mind. As I had minimum time to prepare myself for the client meeting, I decided to utilize the time while commuting to workplace.

How to prepare for client meetings

While travelling, I quickly opened my laptop and read through the client’s website  to learn gain some knowledge about his business. Further, I began to analyze the facts, performed basic research and tried to create a basic meeting agenda. Preparation gave a boost to my confidence level. As I reached my workplace, I was certain that I would never begin the client meeting in a vacuum. Anyway, everything turned out to be fine at the end, but I will definitely try to avoid such scenarios as I believe that early preparation pays more.

client meetings

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