Reserve Your Seat at Cork & Athlone Seafarer Tax Open Day 2015

“Free and Open 1 Hour Presentation by Kevin Barry on the seafarer tax issues for persons working in the Offshore Marine or Sea Farer Industry to be aware of.

  • The 8 items Every Irish Seafarer Must Know

  • Records to always keep

  • Resident Seafarer versus Non Resident Seafarer

  • Mortgage Issues

  • Married versus Single Considerations

  • The differences between the UK and Ireland

  • Traps to avoid

 Comments from the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Seminars


“I was worried coming into the seminar, but at least I know what I have to do now”

“Thanks, I realise now how to get my mortgage application together!”

“Very Informative, thanks for sorting out my conflicting information”

“Excellent!  A tip would be to separate Resident versus Non Resident Seafarers”

“Great Information. I can relax now”

“I know what I have to do now and the information to keep. Thank you”

“Yes very informative”

“You can save lots of money”

“Very informative – recommend to anyone”

“It’s confirmed information and not hearsay”

“To get information, I find it’s difficult and find many Accountants are not sure, so a Tax Consultant Service for Seafarers is good.”

“Learned a few things and confirmed what I knew”

“New information – non resident/resident info”


The presentation will be followed by 1 hour of Q&A.

Venues, Dates and Times

Cork   May 18th  2pm to 3pm   Rochestown Park Hotel

Athlone   May 19th  2pm to 3pm   Hodson Bay Hotel

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