7 Reasons To Subscribe For Free Benefits

  • Tips on reducing your income tax bill and keeping the Tax man off Your Back

There are many straight forward and legitimate tax breaks out there that people just don’t know they can claim. We will show you how easy it is to get it right.

Last year I got back €1,100 tax refund I did n’t realize I was even owed. Imagine, I could have been doing that every year

  • Tips on how to protect your personal assets if something goes wrong with the business

A record amount of companies failed in 2013,2012,2011,2010 and 2009 and we make you aware of the issues to guard against.

I thought by paying the suppliers who were owed the most was the right thing to do, I did n’t realize that I had preferred them over other people and would have to put that right



  • Tips on where to get the cheapest life insurance and serious illness cover quotes

It is often a requirement to have life insurance on your mortgage. However it is very easy to overpay for this. We will show you how to get the best deals. Subscribe.

“I did n’t realize I could change my policy for years, but when I did change the saving was over €120 a month. The price of a good holiday.”

  • Tips on How to understand your accounts so that they make sense to you

Many people employ bookkeepers but don’t really know what they do. We will educate you on the key items to be looking out for in your business so that you know you are paying good money for a valuable bookkeeper.

“Until I got a bookkeeper who gave me the information I wanted, I did n’t know what they did I just paid the bill every month. Now I feel in control”


  • Tips on getting out of debt

If the recession has caused you to be under massive financial strain, we will show you the orderly way to get out of debt with the least damage possible.

“I was at my wits end avoiding the phone and the post, at least now matters are sorted out and I can move on with raising the kids”

  • Practical Tips on Investing Safely

Some investments are riskier than others. We will show you the guarantees and safe guards to look out for so as to protect your investment and make money in a steady and unsurprising way.

“I wanted to put money aside for the kids education invested in completely the wrong thing until you put me right. Thank you”


  • Practical advice on growing your customer numbers and helping them do business with you more frequently

Whether you are a retail shop, a wholesaler, or provide a service, your customers will make or break you. Keeping in touch and bringing them back to you is the key.

“I now know who all my customers are, how to contact them easily, and to encourage them to pay me quickly. Your tips have made a massive difference”

  • Ideas and inspiration 

We will keep you posted on the latest inspiring stories that may make a big difference to your day, month or year. It just takes one.

“Thanks for the story about the family who lost their home but got back on their feet within 2 years big time. This is just the type of story I needed to read that day”

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