4 Ways to Cut Your VAT Bill Today

ShareAccommodation: Every successful business person I know goes out and meets their clients. Often this would necessitate a weekend away, a trip away or just an event where everyone gets around the table to discuss the next twelve months, eighteen months, union issues. Effectively, these are important meetings they are effectively conferences. The vat legislation […]

Do the figures add up? asked Basil Fawlty

ShareI had morning coffee with a well heeled millionaire last month. It was refreshing. This man was seeking an opinion on a matter and as he said of the recent (and still here) Great Depression in Ireland, that no matter how cheap an investment may be, that the figures must add up. The story he […]

Intro to our Upcoming Biz Book Currently in Publishing

ShareBE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT! Running a pub in Ireland or abroad these days is not as fashionable or as much fun as it used to be, unless you make it happen.  However, no matter what the business is, if you love it and are passionate about it, it is very easy to get up in […]

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