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If you don’t have health insurance, get Life Insurance, you will need it!

ShareYou won’t read this headline on any windows, or election posters. You will hear it said in a lot of homes where people have had a serious issue needing long term medical care. In short, to get into the Irish medical system for tests and hopefully cure, it is those with health insurance are most […]

How to get your bank charges lower right now

ShareYear in year out, I always have a small group of clients who moan about bank charges.  Even when we point out ways to reduce them, they aren’t motivated to do the work to bring them down.  However the opportunity is there again now for any new business that is set up within the last 3 […]

Better the Discipline, Better Your Business

ShareIt is always believed that time management and discipline are the keys to running a successful business. But I say that making effective use of a diary grabs the lion’s share in the success of a business. Diary usage for professional growth: In several years of work experience, I have always made sure that my […]

Liquidation: To Be or Not To Be

ShareIf it is a case that you have been told that your company is no longer solvent, then this obviously means that you are “insolvent”. (Wow, that is deep!) The definition of insolvency is not being able to pay your debts as they fall due. In other words, you can’t pay the bills. The following […]

The €5,000 tripwire in the 2013 tax return

ShareIn the 2013 tax return there is a hidden trip wire that nobody wants. At the very end If you don’t click “I agree” with the draft tax calculation at the end of your tax form, then the tax people if they catch it will fine you €5,000. Not many seem to know this but […]

Are you a Start Up Business or a Train Wreck?

ShareIs your business, really a business or really, just a job (Just Over Broke)? Even worse, is it a Train Wreck? (Staff problems, Customer Problems, Creditor Problems) The taxman says, that if a business trades year in, year out and never makes a profit, then it’s not a business at all. From a tax law […]

Dedication to Smiling

ShareA few weekends ago, I attended a Galway hurling match which was watched by almost 10,000 spectators as 2 fantastic Galway and Clare teams fought out in brilliant sunshine an exciting draw in the National League. Afterwards, when it was over the Clare players walked home because the game was in Ennis and most of […]

The Hidden Clues on your Irish Tax Return

ShareThe less you know, the more accountants will make from you. It’s important that every person understand, that not every penny you receive is taxable. It is only the profit you make on your business is taxed not the sales. It is this confusion that causes some business owners to panic if their year is […]

The Tax Accountant belongs at Halloween

ShareA good Tax Accountant , no matter where they are, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Donegal…. can tell a lot of their client by the way they spend there money. Coming up to tax dead-line each year, it’s never more true. (31st of October) . The real Halloween. The accountant, turns into the Night Ghoul for the client. Contrary […]

The Thugs missed the memo.Accountants Galway seeking to increase client sales?

ShareI was recently reminded of the London riots. At the time they provided extraordinary TV viewing, but for ourselves and our clients they spoiled what would have been an interesting business getaway. As accountants galway dublin with clients all over Ireland, we had scheduled a business conference trip to London. We were going to the Home […]

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