Reserve Your Seat at Cork & Athlone Seafarer Tax Open Day 2015

Share“Free and Open 1 Hour Presentation by Kevin Barry on the seafarer tax issues for persons working in the Offshore Marine or Sea Farer Industry to be aware of. The 8 items Every Irish Seafarer Must Know Records to always keep Resident Seafarer versus Non Resident Seafarer Mortgage Issues Married versus Single Considerations The […]

Review your goals in order to stay focused

Share  Write down your goals and attain success: It was New Year’s Eve. There was usual fanfare on New Year’s resolutions. Television, newspapers, blogs and radio stations had interesting features on resolutions. Llewellen, a close friend of mine, questioned if I had set any. Llewellen’s query provoked me to give a thought to New Year […]

Manage Your Receipts Well!

ShareIt was Tuesday morning and I had scheduled a meeting with a client. Suddenly, I noticed that my cabin was cluttered with papers. I don’t like messiness and this is what makes me feel stressed and rather confused. I was pressed for time, but still I decided to clean the file cabinets and desk drawers. […]

Ignore your website – Build your apps

ShareI was reading lately that the sale of computers is level but the sales of ipads, androids and mobile phones is soaring at a staggering rate. If you think about it, the amount of money that has been put in by business to having a website in the last ten years has been astronomical. The […]

Wow Customer Service and the opposite

ShareOver a the recent summer weekend, I saw two different ways of running a business from a wow customer service view and the opposite. As a business owner, with many clients in the same boat, I naturally look out for this day to day to try and pick up tips. While attending the Galway versus […]

Liquidation: To Be or Not To Be

ShareIf it is a case that you have been told that your company is no longer solvent, then this obviously means that you are “insolvent”. (Wow, that is deep!) The definition of insolvency is not being able to pay your debts as they fall due. In other words, you can’t pay the bills. The following […]

The €5,000 tripwire in the 2013 tax return

ShareIn the 2013 tax return there is a hidden trip wire that nobody wants. At the very end If you don’t click “I agree” with the draft tax calculation at the end of your tax form, then the tax people if they catch it will fine you €5,000. Not many seem to know this but […]

Grand Design your mind and your business

ShareIf you are in the mood for a shopping trip that will be mind expanding and could also be justified as a business trip and therefore “tax deductible”, then maybe check out the Grand Design gathering. It won’t cost all that much and business people tend to get their best ideas when they are off: […]

How to form a Limited Company

ShareIf you are considering you need to  form a limited company in order to operate your business,, I list the items we need as it would be appropriate to get this underway now, because the full set up takes about 1 month.   The sequence to form a limited company is that : the company gets […]

Bank Deals

Share  Many business owners are dealing with substantial drops in the money coming in and out. They are looking for ways to match their incoming and outgoing cash. Certainly, restructuring loans, direct debits and debt is a challenge. Bank deals may have to happen. The following are the key items to bear in mind when approaching […]

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