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Why aren’t you as wealthy as you think you should be?

ShareThis is a question we come across frequently. The reason tends to be self-discipline, or the lack of it. Put another way, bad spending habits. Think about it. Buying impulsively? Weekends away every week Regularly, daily, weekly or annually purchasing expensive Coffees (that you can’t live without) New designer clothes, New vehicles in other words […]

Buy a GPS: Tax Free Mileage Expenses have been updated

ShareTax Free Mileage expenses have new conditions to watch out for. Buy A GPS. The distance requirements provide that: An overnight allowance which covers a period of up to 24 hours from the time of departure, as well as any further period not exceeding 5 hours, will only be payable free of tax in respect […]

Thinking of changing accountant?

ShareNearly 15 years had passed, when I met a school friend Michelle over a cup of coffee. She looked a little worried. On enquiring, she said, “Due to poor accountancy services  provided by Henry, the company lost £ 10,000 within the last two months. Now, I am planning to change my accountant, big time.” Stay […]

How to form a Limited Company

ShareIf you are considering you need to  form a limited company in order to operate your business,, I list the items we need as it would be appropriate to get this underway now, because the full set up takes about 1 month.   The sequence to form a limited company is that : the company gets […]

Bank Deals

Share  Many business owners are dealing with substantial drops in the money coming in and out. They are looking for ways to match their incoming and outgoing cash. Certainly, restructuring loans, direct debits and debt is a challenge. Bank deals may have to happen. The following are the key items to bear in mind when approaching […]

The Pub Design Lady Stole the Show

ShareAt the International Craft Fair a lady who spoke un spectacularly but with a strong message was the pub design lady. She didn’t really promote herself but her content was excellent. Essentially, she looks at the way pubs are showcasing themselves and looks for a way to better get people coming in and spending money […]

Customers love to buy, make it easy for them with credit cards

ShareVery recently I had a reason to call out a local plumber to do a simple repair job in the office in Dublin. I texted him, sent him a picture of what needed to be done, and he turned up with the part with him and had it fitted within one hour. What was most […]

The Tax Accountant belongs at Halloween

ShareA good Tax Accountant , no matter where they are, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Donegal…. can tell a lot of their client by the way they spend there money. Coming up to tax dead-line each year, it’s never more true. (31st of October) . The real Halloween. The accountant, turns into the Night Ghoul for the client. Contrary […]

The 6 Minute Sessions on Insolvency

ShareVery recently, we surveyed our client base on what their largest concerns were. 86% of them confirmed that their level of debt and insolvency in general is the biggest worry. We ran a series of short, 6 minute internet webinars, (just like a news broadcast) aimed at educating you on how to better handle your […]

How to Save Your Home

ShareIf, like thousands of others, you are struggling to pay your home mortgage and are worried about losing your home, there is a scheme you can apply for if you have the time and energy to do so. It is called a Mortgage Forbearance Scheme. Essentially, this allows you to do a private deal with […]

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