Reserve Your Seat at Cork & Athlone Seafarer Tax Open Day 2015

Share“Free and Open 1 Hour Presentation by Kevin Barry www.barryaccountants.ie on the seafarer tax issues for persons working in the Offshore Marine or Sea Farer Industry to be aware of. The 8 items Every Irish Seafarer Must Know Records to always keep Resident Seafarer versus Non Resident Seafarer Mortgage Issues Married versus Single Considerations The […]

Death is Certain,Taxes are not!

Share3 step explanation of Income taxes in Ireland in 3 Minutes. It’s easy to understand the basics when it’s explained in plain English.     [contact-form subject=’Death is Certain: Taxes are Not!’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]  

Are you a Start Up Business or a Train Wreck?

ShareIs your business, really a business or really, just a job (Just Over Broke)? Even worse, is it a Train Wreck? (Staff problems, Customer Problems, Creditor Problems) The taxman says, that if a business trades year in, year out and never makes a profit, then it’s not a business at all. From a tax law […]

It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep

ShareI was reminded of my money worries lately, when I had to, during a vehicle emergency, call to Fast Fit Exhausts. My window wiper had to be changed and with the belting rain coming down outside, and 3 kids fighting in the car, putting it off to another day was not an option. They charged […]

Rich people buy assets, Poor people buy trophys

ShareIn business, I am often startled at the amount of people who don’t know the real difference between an asset and a liability. How you spend your money tells you a lot about people, especially rich people. An asset is something that makes you money or goes up in value. Examples would be: – • […]

Being Broke is Temporary, being Poor is Permanent

ShareI came across this Saying lately and in a few words it says a lot. Many business people or workers generally have set backs be it: – • Negative equity on their house • Losing their job • Losing their business  or suffering years of losses. However, the moral of the tale is if you […]

Advising Your Client on Liquidation?

ShareIf you or your client has received a letter saying a company that owes you money is calling a “Creditors Meeting”, don’t delay. By acting fast, you greatly increase your chances of getting some money from the liquidation rather than nothing at all. Check out some steps you could consider by clicking here 1. Return the […]

Don’t rush to Irish Bankruptcy with a client

ShareAlthough Irish bankruptcy is suitable sometimes, it doesn’t suit everyone for various reasons. A Refereed Payment & Debt Settlement Plan tends to suit clients where the other options don’t. Although, I handle all the debt options now,Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency, Debt Settlement and Private Structured Agreements…………. every case is different. Even with the modernization of the […]

To Increase Sales When is a Washing Machine, not just a Washing Machine?

ShareMy client, Tony, operates in the highly competitive area of electrical appliances. In this industry, it is very easy to compare prices and models so pricing always has to be competitive. He wants to increase sales and investigated what customers valued, apart from price. Tony also understands the importance of service and works hard with […]

Wills Brothers creating Loyal Customers

ShareEngineers, Developers and the County Councils don’t have a great reputation for looking after their neighbors however recently I saw a great piece of marketing. Wills Brothers Limited, who are performing a major upgrade for a civil work scheme, put a note around to the entire town: • Announcing their start and finish dates • […]

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