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If you don,t make a profit, you don’t have a tax bill:

ShareHowever if you do make a profit, it,s easy to overpay your taxes. Click my link and download the 10 ways to seriously reduce your tax bill. Don’t waste that hard earned profit!

Why aren’t you as wealthy as you think you should be?

ShareThis is a question we come across frequently. The reason tends to be self-discipline, or the lack of it. Put another way, bad spending habits. Think about it. Buying impulsively? Weekends away every week Regularly, daily, weekly or annually purchasing expensive Coffees (that you can’t live without) New designer clothes, New vehicles in other words […]

Not Quite a Tax Amnesty but it’s something?

Share If you, or you know of someone who has money or property outside Ireland that was never declared here then heed the latest taxman warning. If you declare and catch up on the tax now, ( or by May 1st next to be exact) then: the penalty is only 10% instead of 100% (double […]

Keeping the Employees You Want To Keep

ShareIn these bank crash times (aren’t they all), with your longer term employees that you have invested a lot of money and training into,consider this. To cement that investment, it might be worth offering a pension deal to them. The hassle of replacing an employee that makes you money can be a killer. Remember to […]

If you don’t have health insurance, get Life Insurance, you will need it!

ShareYou won’t read this headline on any windows, or election posters. You will hear it said in a lot of homes where people have had a serious issue needing long term medical care. In short, to get into the Irish medical system for tests and hopefully cure, it is those with health insurance are most […]

Training Grants to Employers and Business Owners , also known as JobBridge

Share   Hiring someone on full time and training them costs a lot of money.  This isn’t just the money paid out, it is the time taken away from other team members in your business to do the actual training and monitor its success.  The Jobbridge scheme pays a trainee directly and allows you allocate […]

Do the figures add up? asked Basil Fawlty

ShareI had morning coffee with a well heeled millionaire last month. It was refreshing. This man was seeking an opinion on a matter and as he said of the recent (and still here) Great Depression in Ireland, that no matter how cheap an investment may be, that the figures must add up. The story he […]

Review your goals in order to stay focused

Share  Write down your goals and attain success: It was New Year’s Eve. There was usual fanfare on New Year’s resolutions. Television, newspapers, blogs and radio stations had interesting features on resolutions. Llewellen, a close friend of mine, questioned if I had set any. Llewellen’s query provoked me to give a thought to New Year […]

Real Unhappy customers are the source of learning

ShareDaniel, an accountant and also a friend of mine, while narrating one of his experiences over a pint, said that his customer, Charlie, had to shut down one of his department’s production lines to comply with safety legislation. Though this change in legislation was expected for over a year, Daniel said that he failed to […]

Thanks to the virtual digital world!

ShareJotting down clients’ requirements during meetings was one of the most difficult tasks I faced. Many-a-times, I missed out a few points and even some major requirements. Despite using the latest technology like digital voice recorder, I found it difficult to deal with the audio content, once captured. Recording notes on iPhone: Noticing the complications […]

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