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Employ Your Children

ShareIt is my experience, and that of my fellow accountant colleagues, that where a family run a business that everybody is involved. The parents and the children. Through innocence, many if not most business owners pay their kids for working out of their own taxed drawings. This is completely unnecessary and not good for the […]

Tax & Being Self Employed. Everything You Need To Know

ShareSelf-Employed – The Advantages Being self-employed means you are carrying on your own business rather than working for an employer. With this there are many advantages and disadvantages. From a financial view point the primary advantage of being self-employed is that you are given greater flexibility in the expenses you can claim for tax purposes. […]

Low Pay Does Not Have To Be Low Pay!! Employees Need To Know Where To Look For The FIS

ShareFamily Income Supplement (FIS)     This is a weekly tax free payment for families (including lone parents) at work with low pay. The family income supplement is 60% of the difference between the weekly income and the income limit set by the Department of Social Protection (one child €506 per week, two children €602 […]

During the Day Work To Pay The Bills. On Weekends Work Part Time On Your Fortune & Let The Government Help You!! Part Time Job Incentive Scheme.

SharePart Time Job Incentive Scheme This is another great incentive for the long term unemployed (for at least 15 months) who take up a part time job (less than 24 hours a week). It involves a weekly allowance of €119 per week (single) or €193.90 per week (increase for a qualified adult). This allowance is […]

Disabled does not mean “Unable”. the government rewards Disability Friendly Businesses, Big Time

Share Workplace Supports for Employees with Disabilities Being a disability friendly employer has many benefits. There are many schemes available that supports you, the employer, when considering/hiring a disabled individual. For example:   • Employ Ability Service – This is employment assistance starting with the hiring process and support throughout the employment for both parties. […]

Training Grants to Employers and Business Owners , also known as JobBridge

Share   Hiring someone on full time and training them costs a lot of money.  This isn’t just the money paid out, it is the time taken away from other team members in your business to do the actual training and monitor its success.  The Jobbridge scheme pays a trainee directly and allows you allocate […]

The Tax Man Cometh!! Preliminary Tax Underpayment

Share      At a recent Chartered Accountants conference that I attended, the speaker who spoke about latest tax developments brought it up that with the computerised taxation system called ROS or, that automated interest and penalties are imminent, especially for tax underpayments! Up until now, these items only arose when a tax inspector looked at […]

How to get your bank charges lower right now

ShareYear in year out, I always have a small group of clients who moan about bank charges.  Even when we point out ways to reduce them, they aren’t motivated to do the work to bring them down.  However the opportunity is there again now for any new business that is set up within the last 3 […]

Buy a GPS: Tax Free Mileage Expenses have been updated

ShareTax Free Mileage expenses have new conditions to watch out for. Buy A GPS. The distance requirements provide that: An overnight allowance which covers a period of up to 24 hours from the time of departure, as well as any further period not exceeding 5 hours, will only be payable free of tax in respect […]

Had a chat lately with Aiden Rice of Clickynet

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