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Claiming VAT Back on Purchases Bills: what could go wrong?

ShareVAT deductions might seem simple but there is a lot that can go wrong. I have outlined below what you need to do to fix an oversight! What goes wrong? Failure to register for Irish VAT in the First Place a business may exceed the Irish VAT registration threshold  without realising it. Meaning you have […]

Review your goals in order to stay focused

Share  Write down your goals and attain success: It was New Year’s Eve. There was usual fanfare on New Year’s resolutions. Television, newspapers, blogs and radio stations had interesting features on resolutions. Llewellen, a close friend of mine, questioned if I had set any. Llewellen’s query provoked me to give a thought to New Year […]

Cutting Bookkeepers Costs

ShareWe frequently come across many sets of accounts that are excellently prepared by well trained and knowledgeable bookkeepers.We call these the Division 1 bookkeepers: Division 1 Bookkeepers These are the bookkeepers that will keep an eye on the bills coming in to you, make sure nothing is doubly paid, make sure that the agreed prices […]

Kevin Barry Accountants for Entrepreneurs Charity Golf Day 2013

ShareWe, at Kevin Barry Accountants, sponsored our 1st ever golf day on August 13th 2013 at Connemara Golf Club. As part of the day, we raised €450 for the Sarah Dunne charity, where 5 year Sarah, who holidays in Connemara and whose parents are long time friends of mine, is currently undergoing a 1000 day […]

How To Get Paid On Time and have your bank account brimming over

ShareIs getting paid your biggest hassle? If yes, Click here for a Short Guide on how to end the torture:   How to Get paid

Are You a Part Time farmer?

ShareIf yes, and you build a new shed or improve the farm stuctures, the Revenue will give you back the VAT on the cost of this work.  This is about €2,000 for every €10,000 spent. Essentially, if you are in a full time job, but farm part time (like many do) this is for you. […]

No more brown envelopes after June 1st

ShareIn the last twelve months, every Irish company has been ordered by the Revenue to make all their VAT and PAYE returns over the internet.  For those people who are used to working with the internet, this is not a problem.  However, there are others (of which there are many) who are unable for various […]


ShareFirst impressions are paramount in business. They will make or break you. At Kevin Barry & Co. we always aim to stay on our toes on this one and keep clients in the same frame of mind. A potential customer must be impressed by what they see and experience at the start as they will […]


ShareAt Kevin Barry & Co. although we are merely accountants, based in Ireland, we are often asked legal questions. Such as “what documents should I be keeping”. There are certain documents and certificates that should never be disposed of.  “Never” here can be taken to mean until the life of the object under which the […]

Do You Want To increase Your Business Value?

ShareAt Kevin Barry & Co. it is in our interest to develop clients to their fullest potential. We routinely perform a Free Business Review  .  What is that? Click above for a 2 minute video on what’s involved. Contact us today at 00 353 95 30053  

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