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Had a chat lately with Aiden Rice of Clickynet

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Do the figures add up? asked Basil Fawlty

ShareI had morning coffee with a well heeled millionaire last month. It was refreshing. This man was seeking an opinion on a matter and as he said of the recent (and still here) Great Depression in Ireland, that no matter how cheap an investment may be, that the figures must add up. The story he […]

Review your goals in order to stay focused

Share  Write down your goals and attain success: It was New Year’s Eve. There was usual fanfare on New Year’s resolutions. Television, newspapers, blogs and radio stations had interesting features on resolutions. Llewellen, a close friend of mine, questioned if I had set any. Llewellen’s query provoked me to give a thought to New Year […]

Thanks to the virtual digital world!

ShareJotting down clients’ requirements during meetings was one of the most difficult tasks I faced. Many-a-times, I missed out a few points and even some major requirements. Despite using the latest technology like digital voice recorder, I found it difficult to deal with the audio content, once captured. Recording notes on iPhone: Noticing the complications […]

Thinking of changing accountant?

ShareNearly 15 years had passed, when I met a school friend Michelle over a cup of coffee. She looked a little worried. On enquiring, she said, “Due to poor accountancy services  provided by Henry, the company lost £ 10,000 within the last two months. Now, I am planning to change my accountant, big time.” Stay […]

Better the Discipline, Better Your Business

ShareIt is always believed that time management and discipline are the keys to running a successful business. But I say that making effective use of a diary grabs the lion’s share in the success of a business. Diary usage for professional growth: In several years of work experience, I have always made sure that my […]

Manage Your Receipts Well!

ShareIt was Tuesday morning and I had scheduled a meeting with a client. Suddenly, I noticed that my cabin was cluttered with papers. I don’t like messiness and this is what makes me feel stressed and rather confused. I was pressed for time, but still I decided to clean the file cabinets and desk drawers. […]

Preparation is the key to success for client meetings

ShareIt was a bright Monday morning again. The routine of handling projects, meeting deadlines, adhering to the clients’ needs crossed my mind as I composed myself for work. As I went through my ‘to-do-list’, I swiftly recalled a scheduled ‘client meeting’ which had absolutely slipped out of my mind. As I had minimum time to […]

Wow Customer Service and the opposite

ShareOver a the recent summer weekend, I saw two different ways of running a business from a wow customer service view and the opposite. As a business owner, with many clients in the same boat, I naturally look out for this day to day to try and pick up tips. While attending the Galway versus […]

Grand Design your mind and your business

ShareIf you are in the mood for a shopping trip that will be mind expanding and could also be justified as a business trip and therefore “tax deductible”, then maybe check out the Grand Design gathering. It won’t cost all that much and business people tend to get their best ideas when they are off: […]

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