Thinking of changing accountant?

Nearly 15 years had passed, when I met a school friend Michelle over a cup of coffee. She looked a little worried. On enquiring, she said, “Due to poor accountancy services  provided by Henry, the company lost £ 10,000 within the last two months. Now, I am planning to change my accountant, big time.”

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Well, changing accountant is a big decision and business people are not likely to make it lightly. Just like any other business advisers, for Michelle too, the accountancy services were as important as her business as the customers she serves..

An accountant is expected to provide excellent service, have a real understanding of the client’s business and meet deadlines. If the client feels that he/she is not getting the service he/she requires or that the accountant has increased the fees exponentially for no justified reason, then there are high possibilities that the client may opt to change accountant.

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However, Michelle in this case, she based her trust in me and asked if I could provide accountancy services, I said with a smile, “If you feel that I can help you better than your existing accountant, I will take care of it for you.”

Pressure is now on!

Thinking of changing accountant

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