Training Grants to Employers and Business Owners , also known as JobBridge



Hiring someone on full time and training them costs a lot of money.  This isn’t just the money paid out, it is the time taken away from other team members in your business to do the actual training and monitor its success.  The Jobbridge scheme pays a trainee directly and allows you allocate time, and no further money to the actual training.  What’s better?

Having untrained people working for you who will stay or trained people who will leave?

Which will have contributed hugely to your organisation in the meantime.

Work it out.


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Also known as the “National Internship Scheme for Jobseekers”, to be eligible for Jobbridge, individuals must be at least 3 months on the live register. An internship can run for a 6 or 9 month period and should give the individual valued work experience. The intern will also receive an additional allowance of €50 per week on top of their existing social welfare entitlement (payable by the Department of Social Protection).






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